Setup a local database with your service
To help you with local development of you services you'll need a local Postgre database.
You know that we care about your time, so we created a local launcher for your services. But you also know that your services have a local database to store your objects. Let's setup a local Postgre database.
This tutorial covers postgre setup for mac. Follow postgre site instruction for other OS.
I love working with their simplest version: postgreapp. Go there and download it.
Launch the application. You have your local postgre database. You should see a small icon of postgre in your menu top bar.
Now you can go in any of your services folders and and edit codestore.yaml file. You should see something like that :
serviceId: 145
port: 5432
database: database
password: password
username: username
host: localhost
port: 3000
Change the database name, password, and username to the ones from postgre configuration.
To test your connection, nothing more simple : execute in the root folder of your service cs dev command. You should see something like that :
cs dev
2020-09-11T10:10:00.638Z [NPM] Installing dependencies
2020-09-11T10:10:05.359Z [TypeScript] Compiling typescript code
2020-09-11T10:10:13.745Z [GraphQL] Validating schema
2020-09-11T10:10:13.767Z [GraphQL] Validating queries and mutations
2020-09-11T10:10:17.168Z [INFO] Starting development server
2020-09-11T10:10:17.168Z [Bootstrap] Start bootstrapping the application
2020-09-11T10:10:17.168Z [Database] Connecting to database
2020-09-11T10:10:17.316Z [Database] Successfully connected
2020-09-11T10:10:17.441Z [Database] Migrations ran
2020-09-11T10:10:17.443Z [GqlLoader] Loaded queries: load
2020-09-11T10:10:17.462Z [Bootstrap] Graphql is available on: http://localhost:3000/graphql
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