When you include services to you project there might be a cases, when services should communicate with each other. platform allows inter-HTTP communication
We are working hard on the platform functionality and soon we will provide an opportunity to organize inter-service communication through message-brokers.

Routing concept

Services, which project includes and deployed in one environment can communicate with each other.
To call GraphQL or REST API of another service on the same environment - make an HTTP request, where URL should build by next pattern: http://{SERVICE_NAME}-service Each service has an internal URL which available only per environment.
Let's imagine that we have service "example", which deployed to the development environment. This service can be accessed by another service on the development environment by next URL:

HTTP request example

To provide an HTTP call to service install any HTTP client, for example axios using npm:
npm i axios
Import axios dependency in your code:
import axios from 'axios';
And execute request yo your service. In example below you can find simple HTTP request to [GET] /rest/hello route of example service:
const result = await axios.get('http://service-example/rest/hello');
The result of HTTP request execution will be available in the result object.
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