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We are happy that you're here! 👋
So what is It all started with a simple idea: the complexity of the modern world is astonishing and is increasing every day, that's why we should be spending our time and energy on problems that are new and complex to solve and try and reuse everything else. So we decided to create a platform for companies and software engineers to reuse and share live, hosted code among projects and organizations. We also want to create a public marketplace where every developer and company could sell their API-first services on a subscription or pay-per-call rate-plan.
So, in short, is a backend-as-a-service, a GraphQL schema-first platform where you can build, host, reuse, and bill your services so that you could create some truly amazing products!
For the good of your company and the planet, we think that reusing code is very important!


Like many other great products, is continuously evolving as we are striving to bring more features, improve the existing ones and make sure that the product is as stable as it could be. 🤞
That's why if you have ANY suggestions while using, whether it be feature requests, suggestions on how to improve our documentation, or just some questions, we are here for you!
Create a feature request or chat with us in real-time in our community home here:

What next?

A good to place to start would be to read about Our Vision, How it works? and of course, our Core concepts.
Enjoy the reading and don't hesitate to contact us!
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